So I came across my friend Rachel's blog post this morning..........

Rachel's blog post
My friend, Rachel, Contrived a blog post recently about her opinion on the teenage Cliché’s. For the most part, I couldn’t agree more with most of the content of this post but there were a few things that made me want to go to her house and steal all her books. The first one was the most painfully obvious thing that she knew would get me unhinged, John Green. 

It is clearly obvious that I am an Immeasurable fan of John Green, and not only his books, but just his persona just in the greatest extent. She said that all of his books were similar in the sense that they all have to do with a boy and a girl falling in love, and that just being the end of the story. Well, It’s not all entirely true and that is what I am trying to get at. 

All of his books are diverse in the sense that they tell a different story, they all have a main character that is just some nobody from Alabama or Florida, generally. There is alway a girl involved except for Will Grayson, Will Grayson because it happened that It was a boy involved but, it was still the same plot. 

Now that someone reads this I sort of feel like I am contradicting myself, but Im trying not to, I promise. This sounded a whole lot better before I started to actually write it out, in my head. What I am trying to say is that, his books are all different in their own way. He is an incredibly beautiful writer and that is saying a lot because I happen to find a lot of writing beautiful. He has this thing that he incorporates into every story that just makes you emotionally connect with all of the characters. And yes they are all similar. I would love it if all of his characters just came to life and had to have lunch together, It would probably be incredibly boring, considering how similar they all are but It would be something to see. 

John Green has something incredible to offer in every single one of his books and they all have a different effect on everybody who reads them. The small details that he adds. Like Pudge’s love for last words or the small quotes that he adds that you see all over, that people have adopted into their lives and reconsidered they’re entire life and being. At least, that’s how it was for me. 

Rachel’s post also talked about the classic love triangle. I love, love, love, love triangles. They almost all end up the same, like she said. With Bella ending up with Edward, or Katness ending up with Peeta. But, that is just the way that they are. They also end up with the under dog, or the person that stole them away in the first place, They end up with the person whom the perspective or the story was told from. (Except for the Great Gatsby but, that is a whole other topic that I could go on for hours about). I disagree because, I don’ t think that I would consider a love triangle to necessarily be cliche. If they were so cliche and out dated then how come The Hunger Games and the Twilight Saga were even made into movies. Because, everyone likes love triangles. 

Anyways, I agree with everything else Rachel said in the post. Except these two things just, no, no. (especially the one where she called out John Green).

These are just some reasons why teenage cliche’s are not all that cliche.

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Ouch, that was a burn


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